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Established In 2012 Little Plant Shop is a houseplant boutique/ mobile plant shop. Houseplant consultations, custom arrangements, and plantscaping also available.

Plants make people happy, and they are a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. We believe in creating artistically arranged spaces and pieces with compatible plants that are easy to maintain and are beautiful to look at. 


"We used the in-home plant consultation service and were very impressed with the knowledge, time and care taken during the visit! Learned so much about my plant IDs, their different watering and light needs, how to properly prune them, and how to best support my plants and what to look for if they start looking a little sick. Highly recommend this service! Thanks again Little Plant Shop!"

Shae Komant 

"I made my second order with Little Plant Shop today and I'm very satisfied!
Beautiful, healthy plants and I am so grateful to add them to my collection! Thank you so much!"

Jenny Wright

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