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About Us

Meet Eric And Sara

We are a husband and wife horticulturalist/ florist duo and the owners of Little Plant Shop. We have worked in almost every part of the horticultural profession from research greenhouses, museum conservatory grower, retail greenhouse operations, floral design and running our own plant shop! We are knowledgable plant fanatics and experienced designers who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service!


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers become successful plant parents and offer guidance whether they are novices or experts. Plants make people happy, and they are a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. We believe in creating artistically arranged spaces and pieces with compatible plants that are beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.

Our Vision

We strive to offer our customers top quality, locally sourced plants and provide expert guidance to maintain them. We only order from BC growers, and we do not use harmful fertilizers or pesticides on our plants. Only organic fertilizers, environmentally friendly insecticide sprays, and beneficial predator insects to keep plants and the planet healthy! 

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